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Ciruelo Cabral

Ciruelo Cabral was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina on July 20, 1963. His formal art training was limited to a few courses in drawing and advertising design, after which, at the age of 18, he immediately found work in an ad agency as an illustrator.

At 21 he became a freelance illustrator and started a career as a fantasy artist. In 1987 Ciruelo traveled to Europe and settled in Sitges, Barcelona, Spain. He then embarked on a search for publishers for his "worlds of fantasy", eventually finding them in Spain, England, the United States and Germany and he reached a broad audience. Ciruelo continues to work for U.S. publishers, among them Bantam for whom he did book covers for the trilogy written by George Lucas, "Chronicles of the Shadow War".

He also has created a number of rock album covers such as Steve Vai's The 7th Song and The Elusive Light and Sound. Other clients include Wizards of the Coast (Magic cards), TSR, Berkley, Tor, Warner, Ballantine, Heavy Metal magazine, Playboy magazine, etc. He worked with Alejandro Jodorowsky on a comic story published in France in 2006. In 1990 Ciruelo devoted eight months to designing and illustrating The Book of the Dragon to be published by the Spanish publisher Timun Mas,. Foreign rights to The Book of the Dragon were sold to Paper Tiger, London, in 1992, who had also published his first artbook: Ciruelo, in 1990. In 1997 the book Luz, the Art of Ciruelo came out. This third book features over 160 full color illustrations, a number of pencil sketches and ink drawings laid out in 128 pages. In the year 2000 his fourth artbook Magia, the Ciruelo Sketchbook was published. In 2006 a special little book came out: Cuaderno de Viajes de Ciruelo, Notebooks. His latest original book: Fairies and Dragons, was published in 2008, featuring many illustrations accompanied by a story written by himself.

The groundbreaking iPad version of The Book of the Dragon was published by Zentric on 2010 and is available worldwide through Apple’s App Store. He lives with his wife Daniela and their kids, Angelo and Lys in Sitges, a quaint and magical town near Barcelona, on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea.